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Over 1,500 speed projects completed in the last eight years for business owners worldwide.

WordPress Optimization

We’ll start with analyzing your theme, plugins, hosting, external scripts, content, and caching setup. Then, we’ll create an optimization strategy and give expectations for improvements in Google’s Speed Tools and real-world load time improvements.

WooCommerce Optimization

In addition to our standard optimizations, we’ll go through your checkout experience to identify bottlenecks in your store’s performance. We have several precautions we take when optimizing WooCommerce stores to ensure recent orders and custom data are not lost.

Shopify Optimization

Speeding up your Shopify site can be a frustrating process. We analyze your addons and will suggest lightweight alternative addons. If you’re not using certain add-ons, we’ll remove these to reduce bloat.

Speed Consulting

Created primarily for agencies and development teams, we’ll train your staff on the best practices for optimizing WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites. This may include but is not limited to Zoom Screen-Sharing sessions, Cheat-Sheets for typical optimizations, and strategy for a specific website.

Ongoing Speed Support

Websites are a constant work in progress, we’ll ensure your site stays lightning fast so you can focus on the big picture.

Rebuild for Speed

When building a new website, it’s crucial that it’s built with speed in mind. Creating a website that looks nice but is slow will cause countless issues with your website’s marketing strategy.

Why Pagespeed matters?

400+ Five-Star Reviews!

We're the top Speed Optimization company with over 400 Five-Star reviews on Upwork alone!

Raya Khashab

EZ Clocker
“PageSpeed Matters is a great company to work with. They got our blog website optimized and increased the Page speed to 97% which was a huge improvement for us. They know their stuff and communicate very well. Highly recommend.”

Mario Cimmino

“Matt is a pleasure to work with. He took the time to answer all of our questions and most importantly delivered on our project on time and with great results. Great guy, highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their site’s performance and load speeds.”

Callum Liddell

Top Idea Global
"Matt was excellent, he was extremely patient and was able to fix some serious performance and speed issues on our website. Will definitely hire again and cannot recommend him highly enough."

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